Hot Desking Platform
QR code enabled desk booking platform
Manage desk bookings and track space utilization with real time data and advanced analytics. Easy to deploy and effortless to scale. Promote employee wellbeing with 100% contactless solution with provisions to enforce and configure social distancing and crowding norms.
Why assistD Hot-Desking is your best bet at implementing a modern flexible and safe work environment?
Track & Improve Desk Utilization
assistD Hot-Desking provides real-time overview of desk utilisation to track against set targets. With AI powered analytics on historical data assistD Hot-Desking generates utilisation trends and actionable insights to aid improving utilisation.
Fit for all
assistD Hot-Desking is easy to deploy and effortless to scale. assistD Hot-Desking is THE perfet option be it for small, medium, large enterprises. Be it single location or spread across multiple locations manage everything effortlessly.
Prioritize Employee Wellbeing
Implement social distance compliant work-place and desk booking with just a few clicks and make employee well being your priority. Be flexible to adapt to updated wellbeing norms with complete granular control.
Be ready for the worse
assistD keeps all historical data to track desk occupancy. When needed, be ready with data to aid Contact Tracing to quickly identify potential points of interactions.
Manage with mobile workflow
Simple & Easy, one-click booking and availability check
Powerful data-rich customizable MIS reports
Granular control on booking constraints