Digital Checklists & Event Logging
Go PHYGITAL with your checklists & event logging with asssitD QR codes
Digitizing checklists & event logging makes the process smoother, reliable and more efficient. Dont forget anything anymore. Digitization also helps with data keeping for compliances & audits.
Do away with pen & paper methods
Embrace digitization to harness its benefits. Improve process efficiency and reliability. Have a real-time bird's eye view of entire operations remotely over dashboard.
No hardware dependency
Do it with your camera
Staff can scan the asssitD QR codes with either assistD application or stock camera and fill check-list, consume information or log events. assistD QR codes are location & context aware so with just few clicks capture the relevant information each time. No costly single point of failures (hardware). Easy to deploy and scale. Just print and paste QR codes as you scale.
Data is king
Derive Insights from data
Leverage the clean data collected by assistD Digitial checklist & event logging along with the strong analytics engine to derive actionable insights. Real time alerts & notifications will help keep your operations in control always.
Contactless solutions
The new normal
Our QR code driven solutions make it possible to go contactless in this social-distancing era