Contextual Assistance Platform – Your Ear to the Ground

Collect in-the-moment customer feedback and provide relevant assistance via delightful user interactions.

assistD enables you to collect customer feedback throughout their experience journey. With AI-powered analytics, sentiment analysis & goal oriented predictive insights track and improve engagement and satisfaction indexes to provide the edge to your business or service.
customer assistance reimagined
Re-imagining Customer Assistance
assistD - Contextual Assistance Platform

assistD is a Context-Aware Assistance Platform with data curation and deep data analysis, providing business-relevant insights
and predictive analysis, with the potential to source data from multiple streams

Collect, analyze and derive actionable insights from customer feedback and assistance
requests along with providing a delightful customer experience.

The assistD advantage

Discover how assistd can help you drive better customer engagement & satisfaction

Fast Deployment and scaling
AI-Driven User experience
Predictive insights
Confidentiality & Security

Modular Solution

Built around the foundation of contextual assistance, assistD has multiple modular solutions which can be used alone

or along with other modules to create the platform that best suits your needs


Feedback Analytics - Customer Feedback done right

Embrace a customer centric approach and provide contextual feedback channels to collect in-the-moment customer feedback. Use the AI powered admin dashboard to analyze feedback, take actions and keep your customer satisfaction index rising. With predictive insights derived from modern day analytics on feedback data
  • Meet SLA adherence Targets
  • Increase Net Promoter Score
  • Track utilization and reduce wastage
  • Plan better to have more effective scheduled servicing and maintenances than ad hoc requests

Contactless Visitor Management

Eliminate old school register-based entry and take advantage of a zero-touch visitor management system with no hardware dependency. Get a range of benefits by digitising the visitor log using assistd
  • QR code driven, 100% Contactless & Safe
  • Supports in App or App-less mode for visitor
  • Digital Check-in and Data Collection
  • Visitor Authentication
  • Automatic intimation to host
  • AI Powered visitor data and pattern analytics to flag issues
  • Supports data dump for Contact Tracing


Improve space utilization and set employee wellbeing as a priority. If a modern flexible and safe work environment is your goal, assistD Hot-Desking is your best bet. Packed with some amazing features
  • QR code driven, 100% Contactless & Safe
  • Real-time floor plan showing available workspaces
  • Utilization and pattern analytics to provide Predictive Insights
  • Enforce social distancing norms
  • Supports data dump for Contact Tracing

Domain Specific Solution Suites

All domains that benefit from assisting their customers and capturing and analyzing their experience journey can take a leap forward in customer satisfaction with assistD.

Combining the modular solutions, assistD offers the following domain-specific Solutions Suites


Workplace Solution Suite

  • Treat employees as your internal customers
  • QR code & NLP powered workplace feedback analytics
  • Collect and analyze employee feedback on facilities, work, work-place and much more.
  • Integrate employee self-help seamlessly into their work flow
  • Offer smart & safe workplace initiatives like hot-desking, visitor management & digital check-in/check-out
  • Target and achieve higher employee engagement, satisfaction and net promoter scores via engagement and sentiment analysis
  • Single solution to track & boost Human Resources, Facilities Management, Administration and Workplace Innovation KPIs

Hospitality Solution Suite

  • Provide contextual digital in-room services and assistance
  • Provide smart & safe initiatives like remote booking and virtual queuing for common aminities to avoid crowding
  • Contactless vallet parking with digital token
  • Unified and seamless experience across locations controlled & managed centrally
  • Target and achieve higher customer satisfaction and net promoter scores with predictive analytics derived from customer interactions

Local Business Solution Suite

  • Provide easy to deploy customer feedback channels to collect actionable feedback
  • Capture and analyze entire journey of customer experience
  • Offer smart & safe solutions like remote ordering and virtual queuing
  • Target and achieve higher net promoter scores via predictive insights derived from customer interactions


What is Contextual assistance ?

Going beyond being always available to being always available with the right assistance

Assistance sought could be to provide a feedback, request for information or indicate a need to perform an action


Making the right assistance channel available to customer without having to specifically request for the same is Contextual assistance

To avoid a disconnect in experience the assistance should be provided within the existing experience of your product or service

Contextual Assistance Channels

The most critical part of contextual assistance is to select the right channels to cater to the customers.

Channel should be able to carry context along with it, thus making it easy for customer to approach and interact without spending time on context setting


assistD's Contextual Assistance platform supports various channels for collecting feedback and providing assistance.

These include QR-codes, embeddable forms, shareable links & NLP-powered chatbots (comming soon). The list of channels will keep on increasing as we find best possible ways to interact with customers without hindering their experience

Benefits of Contextual Assistance

Zero Wastage of Customer's Time
Delightful Customer Experience
Higher Customer Participation
100% Actionable Data
Analytics friendly

Customer’s pleasure of getting the right assistance always is guaranteed to
Improve your Net Promoter Score


The concept of contextual asssitance in general and assistD specifically has gained a lot of traction due to focus on customer satisfaction.

Presence in

60+ Cities

Transforming facilites across

110+ buildings


35k + users