assistD Advantages

Contextual & Curated End-User Experience
assistD drastically cuts down the time consumed in providing feedback by providing users with context-aware channels/interaction-points/triggers. Like in any conversation, getting the context right is imperative. Either a considerable amount of time is consumed in setting the context or large portions of the conversation are neglected or not considered since there is no context assigned to it. With a context-aware user experience the users time is used efficiently.

Unlike traditional systems which provide cumbersome forms and open ended questions to collect feedback, assistD relies on providing a crisp, curated interface to user to deliver quantifiable feedback. Feedback which is 100% actionable. This cuts down on the time spent in back and forth discussions needed to interpret the feedback correctly and get actionable data from it. This also makes sure all incoming data into assistD is tidy and clean and ready immediately for analytics. Instead of putting the responsibility on the one providing feedback to make sure data is clean and actionable, assistD helps admins to setup channels/interactions-points/triggers with data curation. assistD can help pick the options to be provided to the user based on the type of entity for which feedback is being requested.
Fast Deployment and scaling
assistD has Zero hardware requirements in terms of deployment. It is distributed as a SaaS solution and hence does not require any IT infrastructure to be setup. assistD on-boarding both guided by on-boarding team or independently experienced is breezy. Within hours you can have assistD deployed to your entire facilities.

Be it a small business with just couple of entities with respect to which feedback is to be gathered or a multi-site Enterprise with 1000’s of entities, assistD scales well both in terms of pricing and capabilities.

assistD is flexible enough to support full deployment in one go or scaling in phases. All of this can be achieved using easy to use and intuitive dashboard. assistD provides monthly as well as yearly plans (at discounted rate) and hence chose one which suits you well. Commit to what you are comfortable to, experience assistD and we are sure you will not think of any other way of collecting feedback later.
AI-Driven User experience
assistD’s AI User Experience engine learns continuously from user interactions on the assistD dashboard both passively by observing the flow they use regularly and also with active interactions with user. These interactions could be responses the user provides to the insights shown or to the questions assistD asks. These learnings further help assistD to provide the right insights at the right time. Aim is to make future experiences with assistD more intuitive, productive and delightful as user spends more time on it.
Predictive Analytics
assistD’s AI-powered Analytics helps businesses and service-providers by pulling out trends & insights from large and complex datasets and delivering actionable recommendations. assistD uses configurations and settings that user has set as a means to gain supervised learnings. Coupled with domain specific business intelligence which it is equipped with, assistD starts providing insights from day one. The domain specific business intelligence is constantly updated based on assistD teams interactions and discussions with customers.

Recognising patterns in the data and user interactions and correlating the same against set goals to classify positive and negative trends help assistD provide predictive insights. The insights derived at not just at a high level summarising complete setup but these can also dive deep to recognise individual entities contributing to the positive and negative trends thus making the insights actionable.

With Ingestion API assistD can collate all your data (not just generated within assistD) to recognise trends and relations across datasets which would not be visible when analysed in isolation. Collated data also aids assistD corroborate its insights by finding additional datasets which reinforce what assistD recognises as a positive or negative trends.
Confidentiality & Security as business priority
Confidentiality and Security are among the top priorities for assistD and they have been weaved right into the fabric of the product. At assistD we value the privacy of our potential, current and former customers and we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of user information. Our Privacy Policy is designed to inform you about collection and use of personal information on this Website as well as assistD platform. We measure ourselves against highest standards in terms of confidentiality and privacy rights.

We also recognise that with greater power, there comes greater responsibility. Securing assistD platform against any possible threats is a serious responsibility for us. We go beyond prescribed standard practices to secure ourselves and your data against unauthorised accesses and breaches. We have a well reviewed “Security Incident Action Plan” in place to handle any untoward incident. Even with 3rd Party integrations we expect and deliver enterprise grade security thus weeding out any possibility of security loopholes when data changes hands.
Added Value via Extensive 3rd Party integrations
assistD manages to fit perfectly well into your existing work-flows. With its wide range of supported 3rd party integrations assistD is guaranteed to provide you with a seamless integrations with applications and solutions you are already using. Be it Single Sign On or existing MIS reporting applications, assistD has you covered. We believe assistD is the best at its core competencies of collecting curated feedback through contextually aware triggers and processing data with best in case analytics to provide trends and actionable insights. For functionalities outside assistD’s core competencies we do not want you to miss out on them. So we integrate with the applications and solutions best at them to bring you a delightful combined experience.

The list of 3rd party solutions assistD can integrated with keeps growing and we are also open to recommendations. Please send a mail to in case you want to request for a specific integration.