What is Contextual assistance ?

Going beyond being always available to being always available with the right assistance

Assistance sought could be to provide a feedback, request for information or indicate a need to perform an action


Making the right assistance channel available to customer without having to specifically request for the same is Contextual assistance

To avoid a disconnect in experience the assistance should be provided within the existing experience of your product or service

Contextual Assistance Channels

The most critical part of contextual assistance is to select the right channels to cater to the customers.

Channel should be able to carry context along with it, thus making it easy for customer to approach and interact without spending time on context setting


assistD's Contextual Assistance platform supports various channels for collecting feedback and providing assistance.

These include QR-codes, embeddable forms, shareable links & NLP-powered chatbots (comming soon). The list of channels will keep on increasing as we find best possible ways to interact with customers without hindering their experience

Benefits of Contextual Assistance

Zero Wastage of Customer's Time
Delightful Customer Experience
Higher Customer Participation
100% Actionable Data
Analytics friendly

Customer’s pleasure of getting the right assistance always is guaranteed to
Improve your Net Promoter Score